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Water Heater Replacement:

When to Replace Your Water Heater?

Like any appliance, water heaters break down over time and need to be replaced. No one enjoys taking a cold shower, so ideally, you’d like to be able to replace your water heater before it completely stops working.  

If you wait too long, it could lead to a much larger problem. Such as, large leaks and water damage to your home. So how do you know when it’s time to replace your water heater?


 5 clues to help you decide.

✔️ Clue #1: Age
✔️ Clue #2: Rust and Corrosion
✔️ Clue #3: Drain Valve Does Not Drain Water
✔️ Clue #4: Hot Water Tank is Leaking
✔️ Clue #5: Water is Luke Warm or Cold
★Water Heater Replacement
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If you are like most people, you probably ignore slow drains thinking they will take care of themselves. The truth is, this seldom works. Once drains become sluggish they tend to become worse over time until they can no longer be ignored. So, if your drains are slow or sluggish, bite the bullet and find out why before it’s too late. ” Call Solid Pro Services we can Help “

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Our entire team is on call 24 hours a day to help with your plumbing emergency.

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With everything you have going on in your life, it can be easy to ignore your plumbing. After all, as long as there are no leaks and everything is moving like it should, it’s fine–right? Actually, regular maintenance on your plumbing can make your life MUCH easier. Consider these benefits when you have a professional installation:

Better Water Pressure

Good water pressure is a wonderful thing and you may not even notice that you’ve lost pressure until things become REALLY bad. Regular maintenance will assure you have that water pressure you need to take a nice, relaxing shower after work.

Healthier Family
Mold and mildew causes health problems. By working regularly with a plumber, you can avoid having these substances enter your home through the pipes.

Less Chance of Emergency Repair
Plumbing emergencies require emergency service. This can be expensive and stressful. If you regularly maintain your system you’ll be much less likely to face an emergency repair in the future.

Save Money on Utilities
A well-maintained plumbing system will create less waste–saving you money on your monthly water bill.

Improve Value
When you have taken care of all repairs and maintained the plumbing system, you obviously care for the home. This will be reflected in your selling price one day when the time comes to move elsewhere.

Water Filtration

Let the water filtration experts at

SOLID PRO SERVICES worry about your house as you don’t have to.

Both well water and municipality treated water often contain bacteria, viruses or other contaminants. This is the water you drink, cook with and clean with. The system from Novo removes more contaminants than any other reverse osmosis systems, making your water as pure as possible.

● Healthier, better tasting water

● Cleaner, softer water

● Longer lasting, brighter clothes

● Energy efficient

● Extended life from appliances

● Expandable to meet your changing water filter needs

● Nearly endless supply of healthier, better tasting water for the family 

● Much cheaper and more environmentally friendly than bottled water

● Soaps an cleaners  become more effective – use less and save money


Sewer Camera Plumbing Inspections

Sewer Camera Inspection and underground locator’s are our specialty. The sewer camera, along with the locator, is a highly useful piece of equipment used for inspecting sewer and drain lines.

❐ Sewer Camera Inspection Service

Sewer camera inspections can locate or help prevent Plumbing problems that can arise from anything like paper towels flushed down the toilet, or pipes that burst from wear and tear, to roots in a pipe, faulty installation, or something accidentally puncturing it. It is hard to know what is happening in your pipes, thats why you should call the plumbing sewer camera inspection experts in SW FL (239) 234-2778 so that we may quickly and easily diagnose the problem with our sewer camera inspection services.

 ❐ Why Should I Have a Plumbing Inspection?

There are many reasons why a home owner should inspect their homes plumbing, like before a purchase, or a sudden spike in your water bill, or just for regular maintenance. Plumbing inspections can also be advantageous in other scenarios beyond those already mentioned.

As the leading drain cleaning camera inspection experts, we are highly equip for any situation including cameras used for the video sewer inspection and drain lines inspections. We service most of south Florida so if you need a emergency plumber,


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◼︎ Our services also include leaking water heater, main drain line sewer snake out, storm water extraction, sewer gas odor, water leak detections or any other plumbing repair.

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